Thade School Project is a charity organization with aim to collect funds and run a school in Thade, Nepal. 

Nepal is the poorest country in South Asia and the 17th poorest in the world. Approximately 25 percent of Nepalis live below the poverty line. There is a substantial difference in poverty levels among Nepal's various ethnic and caste groups, and between different regions of the country. Although there is some evidence that poverty has been falling in Nepal over the last two decades there are still signs of large geographical variation with much higher levels of poverty in rural and mountainous areas. 

Thade School Project runs the primary school Grace Academy Thade. It is located in Okhaldunga. The school opened in 2015 when the school building was completed after two years of work.

In January 2024 we have 30 students in the school from preschool to class 6. The school is financed by donations from companies and private persons.

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Our goal is to

Give children from Thade and the surrounding villages the possibility for primary school education.

Create a safe, including and respectful learning environment in the school.

Give all students in the school equal opportunities to participate in all school activities. 

The teachers

Thade School Project team

Petra Noord


Saran Subba

Project manager

Heidi Ek

Project manager and chariman

Robert Caesar


Abhinav Subba